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Brands, Web sites, and any other companies pursuing social technologies should analyze their customers' Social Technographics first and then create a social strategy based on this profile.Entering 2011, Japan had over 35 million broadband lines in place, making it the third largest broadband country in the world after the US and China.’s Rob Verger writes, “the policy was by no means greeted with unanimous support,” and a vigorous public debate played out, with opponents pointing to the blatant racism and violations of civil rights.Two-thirds of the internees were American citizens.I grew up in Hiroshima, where the US had dropped the atomic bomb during WWII.When I was little, grown-ups would often tell us about the war.

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The following segments will further reinforce the state of this development and its impact on multiple facets of business, government and society.

Much of that information was conveyed to the public visually by photographers hired by the War Relocation Authority to document the camps.

Among them were Clem Albers, Francis Stewart, and Dorothea Lange—well known for her photographs of the Great Depression.

In Liujiang in southern China, the first modern human skull was discovered and is estimated to be about 67,000 years old.

[ Wikipedia ] The Chinese started cultivating rice and millet as early as 7500 BC, according to scientist and author Jared Diamond (Guns, Germs, and Steel).