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“He’s starting to feel it isn’t enough and gets insecure, and asks if he can move in with her. But she really likes him, so she cooks him dinner, saying, ‘Hopefully, it’ll prove to you I’m really keen,’” continues Sammy. How long for is anybody’s guess but Katie takes relationships in her stride – she’s been through a fair few blokes in her years in Emmerdale.Asked who her best friends are on the Emmerdale set, she reels off a list of her fellow actresses, but the most important girl in Sammy’s life is Mia, her eight-year-old daughter by footballer David Dunn.It’s about the worst beginning to a love affair since Mr Darcy snubbed Elizabeth Bennet at the ball in Pride And Prejudice.But if literature’s most tumultuous relationship tells us anything, it’s that love can blossom after a few initial mishaps.

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The first hook-ups between Emmerdale’s Katie Addyman (Sammy Winward) and Adam Barton (Adam Thomas) happened for all the wrong reasons.

She seduced him to get at horrible husband Declan (Jason Merrells) and he manoeuvred her into bed to win a bet.

Her Emmerdale Farm (1972) character Katie Sugden became the 21st woman on the soap opera to give birth and the 1st character on any British soap opera to act as a surrogate.

Katie had a baby boy (played by an unknown baby) for her employers Grayson (Christopher Villiers) and Perdita Sinclair (Georgia Slowe), born on 22 July 2008.