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They recorded for Motown a song called Give Me your Love.

I have been unable to find any lyrics for this song although "and this is love " may be a line in the song. The Sisters Love did a great, funky rendition of ‘ Give Me Your Love’, a cover of the original by Curtis Mayfield (on his Superfly album).

*Number in parentheses at end of program description is BBCWA library tape number.

But when he looked ahead again, he was confronted to two "small strange beings", with small and round eyes.

" 1/16; "TV: The Last Violent Straw" 2/: "'Roots' Impact Defused By Ads" 2/10; "TV Violence Backfires" 2/24; "'Network1 Reflects Reality" 3/3; "Hard Sell In Toyland" 3/10; "The Shogun Lesson" 3/24; "Opening the Mikes to retired Politicos" 3/31; "Cracker Jack Wrist Slaps" 4/7; "The Pitchmen and the Public Good" 4/14; "Ministry of Taste" 4/21; "Electronic Psych" 4/28; "A Plug-In Drug" 5/5; "TV's Angels Heralding Porn" 5/12; "Sneaky Smut Seeps In" 5/19; "A Grade School Lobby" 5/26; "All Items Sold Separately" 6/2; "Presence Fashion Dolls" 6/9; "Public Access Proposal" 6/16; "Free Market of Images" 6/23; "ACT, A Parents Lobby" 6/30] ["Pooh-Poohed Rights" 7/7; "A Raggedy Ann Blitz" 8/2; "Rerun Diplomacy" 8/9; "Naming Presidents" 8/30; "Soap' Bubbles Dirty" 9/27; "Images of Insanity" 10/4; "Watching Winking Dots" 10/11; "Watching Zamora Trial" 10/18; "Inside the Midway" 10/25; "Hustling My Image" 11/8; "My Last Talk Show" 11/15; "Class TV - No Thanks" 11/22; "Mind-Forming Power" 11/29; "Flight Out of Egypt" 12/6; "A Tip from Sweden" 12/13; "Thirty-Second Sex" 12/20; "Once Upon A Time" 12/27] ["Technically, Hype" 2/7? ; "Learning to Watch" 2/14; "Spaced Out Brain Waves" 2/21; "TV: The Brain Shredder" 2/28; "The Laws of Looking" 3/7; "FTC Drops a Bombshell" 3/14; "Celebrity Sweepstakes" 3/28; "Broadcasters Play God" 4/4; "Living Room Gambling" 4/18; "Holocaust: What Next? fan mail; "The Media Message" 5/9; "Non-Taxable Spectacle" 5/16; "The Born Innocent Case" 5/23] Ithaca Times - June-Dec.

1978 ["Town Plan for Coy Glen: Give It a Try" 6/22; "Welfare for Television Broadcasters" 6/29; "AT&T Telephone Blitz" 7/6; "Minolta's Free-Fall Costly" 7/13; "Monsanto: A Young Blonde in Silver Gown" 7/20; "Schlitz Light: Drinking up Images" 7/27; "Too Many Peas" 8/3; "Argentina's Image, Elena's Reality" 8/10; "FCC Refuses Access" 8/24 "The Evening News: How to Retrieve It" 8/31; "Superman: Super Hype" 9/7; "Saturday Morning TV: More Wham, Bam" 9/14; "What's New in Prime Time" 9/21; "Performers Plug Their Own Wares" 9/28; "Lt.

They had their arms behind their backs, and seemed to laugh.

One of the two seemed to have his jaw twisted a little.