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The Free/Busy information is posted as a single message that contains data for the entire Free/Busy duration.

The default to publish is 2 month's worth of information, configurable in Outlook Options or via Group Policy.

Normally this information is displayed as color-coded blocked out areas in a user's calendar, as show above.

If users have extended rights, they can right-click another user's blocked out time to view the subject of the busy time.

If they logged into OWA (Outlook Web Access) they could see it fine.

For this type of issue there are two things you can check. If your Outlook 2007 users cannot view Free/Busy information, try the following on your Microsoft Exchange 2007 server: Now close out of Outlook on your client workstation, and run Outlook /cleanfreebusy.

To track users’ availability for meetings, Exchange Server and its clients use free/busy data—a mechanism that often causes angst for Exchange administrators.

Few administrators understand how clients publish free/busy data as users update their calendars, where Exchange stores the data, and what the data actually represents.

This information is used by Outlook and OWA to tell other users if they are free or busy (hence, the term Free/Busy information).Last week microsoft released Windows Management Framework (WMF) 3.0 which includes Powershell 3.0 (KB2506146 for Windows 2008 SP2 and KB2506143 for Windows Server 2008 R2) as an optional Windows update.So everyone can approve and install the update via Windows update, WSUS or any other updating mechanism you are using.Although Tech Net and the Exchange development team blog (at provide good information about free/busy data, this article aims to give you comprehensive coverage of the topic, bringing different sources of information together to illuminate one of the more esoteric parts of Exchange.Let’s start demystifying free/busy data by looking at where Exchange stores it and how clients publish it.

Error updating public folder with busy information